Warrandyte Festival 2017: A feast for film-lovers

By Cherie Moselen

FESTIVAL Friday night produces a strong menu of arts and entertainment — think Battle of the Bands and the Rotary Art Show — for 2017, a spectacular accompaniment has been added to round out the cultural smorgasbord.

Warrandyte Festival and local film company Striking Productions is hosting an evening of short films and live music on Friday March 24.

The Warrandyte Film Feast will offer an eclectic mix of 16 short films from different genres.

Apprentice of the Year

Rough Diamond Pictures’ comedy Apprentice of the Year has already garnered accolades as Audience Favourite at the Made in Melbourne Film Festival and as Best Film at the Shepparton Film Festival.

Rob, a lazy builder played by well-known Australian actor Shane Jacobson, arrives at a renovation site with his new apprentice, Kevin.

He goes inside and snoops amongst the owner’s personal belongings while Kevin is outside doing all the work.

The owner comes home while Rob is in her bedroom, awkward!


Heed — written, directed and produced by Striking Productions founder Rosalie Ridler — will be one of several locally made films to appear on the night.

A wife, plagued with unrelenting pain, confronts her “shady” husband with brutal honesty, forcing a tumultuous struggle for truth and a final bid for his affection.

This 14-minute adult drama, which stars a local actress, will have its official premiere at the Warrandyte Film Feast.


Director Ryan de Rooy also shot his film in Warrandyte.

Operative thrusts viewers into the life of a rebellious mercenary who, upon seeking revenge on the man who took her mother’s life, cripples a secret spy organisation from within.

Dark Night of the Zomboogies

Dark Night of the Zomboogies is a comedy/horror movie that harks back to the decade between the mid ‘70s and mid ‘80s when zombies had personality and filmmakers had more imagination.

Dia Taylor, director of Soy, The Naked Wolf and Marital Problems, among other productions, shot this film at the end of Melbourne’s Boogie Nights screening, with limited time, a tight budget and a talented crew.

Buckle up for a crazy zombie attack and aftermath, which is sure to have audiences laughing their heads off!


Other features include: Camille van Wessem’s Quelle Vie!?, which touches on themes of relationships, truth in advertising and the age-old question of money versus love.

Autocarrot follows the story of an irregular support group, and Leonids is a touching portrayal of a father and son trying to salvage their relationship on the eve of an epic meteor shower.

MC for the evening, Daniel Schepisi, has been involved with numerous Australian feature films, playing lead roles in such movies as According to Ben Adams and No Two Snowflakes.

Last year saw the birth of his international career, playing the lead in the up-and-coming American film I, Die.

People’s Choice prizes (sponsored by Palace Cinemas, local Internet experts Australia Online and Australian movie streaming service Ozflix) will be awarded on the night.

With fabulous food and drink available to purchase and live music playing prior to the screening and during intermission, the Warrandyte Film Feast promises fun and fresh film experiences.

Note: Please be aware that none of the films exhibited have been classified in accordance with the Australian Classification Board. Content is varied, uncensored and may offend some viewers.

In general, films shown earlier in the evening are considered family-friendly and as such are unlikely to cause offence.

However, organisers recommend viewers step out if content is found to be disturbing. Screening will take place in The Lounge on the lower riverbank of Stiggants Reserve. Viewers can arrive from 6pm; the first film will be on at 8pm.


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