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Get out of your business

One of the most valuable actions a business owner can take is to get out of their business for a day to network, gain knowledge and plan for the future and the Greater Warrandyte Business Expo on Wednesday August 17 is an invaluable opportunity to spend a day working “on” your business and network with local professional, trade, retail, hospitality and home based businesses.

“We get caught up in the day to day tasks of working in the business – and rarely take time to breathe, to analyse how we are going,” said Bambi Gordon of The Woo, organisers of the 2016 Expo.

“If we are going to make the most of our business we need to take the time to keep up to date with technology, find better ways to drive profits, identify what we don’t know – and then go and find the knowledge and help we need.”

The Expo, being held at the Warrandyte Community Church from 9am to 6pm on Wednesday August 17, comprises almost 30 local businesses who provide business and lifestyle products and services to the Manningham and Nillumbik regions.

A feature of the event is the 20 business development seminars on topics such as working online, marketing, financial management, communication, human resources and motivation.

The event is free for all thanks to the support of businesses such as Thinking Printing, Curlew Creative, the Warrandyte Diary, our local councils – Manningham and Nillumbik – and major sponsor, Warrandyte Community Bank.

“We recognise the vital importance of our local businesses in ensuring a stable economy; an economy that supports our retailers, hospitality providers, personnel, professional and trade services; from Goldfields and Yarra St, into the home based businesses across the region,” said Warrandyte Community bank manager Sam Pearce.

“As the major sponsor of the Greater Warrandyte Business Expo it is our aim to underpin this initiative so that all local businesses can access the quality networking opportunities, so that all businesses can have a visual profile, and so delegates can specifically seek information in areas where they may need help.”

Though free to attend, delegates need to register online prior to the day by visiting warrandytebusinessexpo.com.au or you can call organisers on 9844 4100.


What: Protecting Yourself and Your Business.
Time 9.30am
Who: Marina Michael, Financial Planning Leader and Tony Zaras, Bendigo Financial Planning at Bendigo & Adelaide Bank

Life is full of surprises: some good, some bad. Protection against life’s uncertainties is sensible financial management. Investing in personal insurance will ensure you and your family can continue to enjoy the quality of life that you want, or at the very least, avoid the emotional distress of having to think about how you’re going to meet your financial commitments should life take a turn for the worst. Insurance is especially important to small business owners because of the often close relationship between business and personal assets. Even if you run a successful business, disaster could strike at any moment and force you to shut your doors. Business insurance can be purchased to cover virtually every aspect of the business, leaving what you have worked so hard for intact.

There is no better time than the present to sit down and consider your personal and business insurance requirements. Make it your priority to join us for an informative session that will show you just how important adequate protection is and how it can bring peace of mind and security to you and your family.

What: Creating The Customer Experience
Time: 9.30am

Who: Ruth Langley, Ruth Langley Hospitality Training

In a competitive hospitality and retail industry, what does it take to keep customers coming back time and time again? Ask any leading hospitality group or retailer and they’ll tell you the customer experience is the answer. And not just any experience, you must create a stand out, memorable and anything-but-average experience. But what does it really take to turn a customer’s experience in your venue or store from average to extraordinary and leave them wanting more?

Ruth Langley is a leading hospitality professional with over 15 years experience working in and with small and medium hospitality venues across Melbourne and London. Join her to discover real and practical ways to improve the customer experience in your venue and how to turn your service into your point of difference.

What: Think Again!
Time: 9.30am
Who: Lisa Smith, Mindworker at Minds At Work

Everyone’s talking innovation but where do the ideas come from? Most businesses are great at delivering the plan, but without creative thinking the plan is probably not going to give you the edge you need. Even though we are hard-wired to think creatively, the closer you are to your business the harder it is to have ideas. This session is designed to give you the tools you need to unlock your creativity and transform the way you think about your business.

What: Back it up!
Time: 10.30am
Who: Bora Seker, Technology Integrator at BN Solutions
Hope is not a strategy. And though we hope that you don’t get hit by a virus, huge power surge, a theft, or the big ones – malware, fire and flood – it is important for the sustain- ability of your business to plan for it.
In this session Bora will share information about how to protect yourself from data loss, the types of backups available to you, what to backup and where to backup.

What: How to approach traditional and digital media
Who: Jules Brooke, Handle Your Own PR

Getting “free” publicity can be an outstanding boost for your business. Imagine being featured in a magazine, interviewed on TV or radio. But how do you reach out to the journalists, producers and presenters?

The standard action is to send out a media release and hope that someone picks it up. And that can work – when you craft your release the right way. But a media release is not the only way to approach the media. Sometimes it is worth picking up the phone; perhaps sending sample products; meeting in person….

In this session Jules will go through the ways you can reach out to traditional and digital media with confidence, and drive that valuable publicity for your business.

What: Manage your relationship with your Business Banker
Time: 11.30am
Who: Shaun Brown, Business Banking Area Manager at West Victoria, Bendigo Bank

A good relationship with your bank ensures it understands your business and is in the best possible position to provide support when needed. A key component of this is keeping your bank well informed of your business activities and performance to ensure they are ready to respond to any request you may have.

What: LinkedIn for Business Owners and Professionals in Practice
Time: 11.30am
Who: Sue Ellson , LinkedIn Expert

LinkedIn is more than an online resume service and recruitment database. LinkedIn enables you to showcase your skills and enterprise, build your network, maintain your business relationships and attract the right opportunities.

Find out how to: understand the basics; increase your digital footprint; select what to like, comment, share or publish; manage your LinkedIn profile in 10 minutes per week. See live examples that you can use as a template for your own enterprise. Ask questions, even stupid ones! Everyone is welcome.

What: Do the Digital DeClutter
Time: 12.30pm
Who: Chantal Imbach, Owner of Simply In Order

In this day and age most of us have not only a computer but also several devices, not to forget the cloud! These great inventions have made parts of our lives easier. On the other hand, things can get out of control and overwhelming really quickly, resulting in an accumulation of digital clutter. Often, we are less aware of this kind of clutter because it is not as visible as physical chaos. However, it can be just as stressful and hinder our productivity.

If you feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start, this presentation is for you! Chantal will share simple decluttering, organising and maintenance strategies and tips which you will be able to implement and benefit from immediately.

What: Boost Your Revenue Using Instagram
Time: 12.30pm

Who: Craig Annand, Social Club Media

In this presentation, Craig will show how business and brands can increase their reve- nue, and sometimes earn an income solely using Insta- gram. He’ll present you examples of the main methods of using Instagram to boost sales, and even how to monetize the account itself.

What: Business Pitching
Time: 12.30pm
Who: Eric Chan, Pitch Specialist

When you speak with people you’re always pitching. Sure, not always in the traditional sales pitch sense, but in many different ways that create a perception of your brand in your audience’s mind. Pitching is a learned skill which you must have as an entrepreneur. So knowing how to pitch with authority and confidence will open many doors, attract prequalified clients and create an outstanding brand image. In this interactive presentation, you’ll discover: the five keys to capturing immediate attention; the secret to a commanding stage presence; and how to understand the power of your verbal brand.

What: Top 10 commandments of websites and digital media
Time: 1.30pm
Who: Craig Reardon Owner, The E Team

As you read this, at least one prospective customer will be searching the web for products and services your local business provides. If that business can’t be found via the leading search engines, they won’t attract the customer. Even if they do, can they be certain their website gives prospects the information they need in the way they want it? And are search engines the best way for that business to promote themselves online anyway? What about email marketing or social media techniques?

In this session Craig will provide you with a step by step guide to meeting the online expectations of your customers. Using a special checklist, participants can determine how their online presence is performing and the steps they need to take to improve it. And using a live internet connection ( fingers crossed! This is Warrandyte) Craig will surf the web in real time to illustrate the benefits of an effective online presence. Best of all, it’s in plain English.

What: ATO initiatives
Time: 1.30pm
Who: Grant Little, Project Officer, Small Business Engagement and Support (Moonee Ponds) Australian Taxation Office.

Does the Australian Taxation Office come to mind when you are looking for help to run your business? It should! Over the years the ATO has built up a wealth of knowledge that they freely share with business.
Hear about ATO initiatives such as: the ATO App; online ATO Small Business Newsroom; Small Business Super Clearing House; employee/contractor decision tool – find out whether your worker is an employee or contractor for tax and super purposes; Face to face educational workshops and conversations; Working with the ATO to test new products and the Business Performance check tool which provides a quick assessment of the financial position of your small business.

What: In Search of Profit
Time: 1.30pm
Rohan Wright, Business Consultant at Thexton Armstrong Broadfoot

Love what you do… but aren’t getting reward for effort? Is your business set up to succeed, are you in the 5%?
Years of experience running SME businesses, and recently consulting to others, have taught me that there are some basics things that every business needs to get right in order to both grow and, more importantly – make money.
In 30 minutes an interactive and entertaining workshop will give you some real insights into how to structure for success; diagnose your critical gaps; and take away three things you can do now to improve your business.
Learn: The 9 elements of successful business structure; 7 key items that set you up for success; the A + S x SB = Results framework for understanding how to make it happen. Takeaway: the answers to what you’re not getting right (yet) and three actions that will make a difference (now).

What: The What, Why and How of Content Marketing
Time: 2.30pm
Who: Bambi Gordon, The Woo

Using a wide range of media (social, video, digital, and traditional) to share your knowledge with potential customers can be a powerful marketing tool. The aim is to grab their attention whilst positioning yourself as an expert in your field, to build an ongoing relationship that eventually makes a sale. When you see a video pop up on Facebook? That’s content marketing. When you get an enewsletter in your inbox? Content marketing. Blogs, social media posts, articles, white papers – it is all content marketing.

In this session we will look at what content marketing is, why it may be of value to your business and, importantly, how to become a content marketer whilst challenged with a lack of resources and little time.

What: The Art of Research for Small Business
Time: 2.30pm
Who: Sarah Wrigley, Gundabluey Research

Do you know who your target market is and what they want? Do you know who your customers are and what they want and expect from your business? Who thought asking questions could be so difficult? If you need to find out the answers to these and other questions, this session will help. It’s all about free tools and how to design your own survey without falling into the common pitfalls associated with market research, and without spending a cent!

Key objectives of the session: how to use the really good information available through the Australian Bureau of Statistics; tools you can use to get information about your customers; free online survey tools for your business; tips on questionnaire design, including a simple template you can use straight away in your business.

What: Small business HR horror stories revealed…
Time: 2.30pm
Who: Emily Jaksch, HR Gurus

Think your business is too small to need a robust HR function? Well you could be a HR horror story in the making… It is a cliché be- cause it is true: People are at the heart of your business. You need the right people individually making up the right team, that in turn drives your culture. That means hiring the right people for the right roles. Or moving on those who aren’t going to make the grade. Emily Jaksch from HR Gurus has seen it all over her 18-year career in the human resource management field and in this session she will share her most amazing HR horror stories and reveal her top five secrets for turning these situations around.

What: Blogging for Business
Time: 3.30pm
Who: Nerissa Bentley, Owner of Write to the Point Communications

Most experts in social media recommend blogging as a way to build your business. Some of the most valuable outcomes of blogs include: driving traffic to your website; helping convert traffic into leads, which then turn into sales; increasing your subscription lists (also known as leads). There is no doubt blogging can be an excel-lent tool for a lot of businesses. But is it the right tool for yours?
In this session Nerissa will address the four key things to consider before getting started (or if you are considering stopping the blogging). 1. Will a blog help or be a distraction from other core business activities? 2. How big do you want your business to grow? 3. What is YOUR purpose for having a blog. Just because everyone else is doing it, isn’t a good enough reason. 4. Will you do your blog justice?

What: Communicating with people who aren’t like us
Time: 3.30pm
Kay Morton, Business coach at Tolhurst Morton

Our lives are based around communicating with others; in our work lives, our personal lives, pretty much everything we do. Sometimes we can feel like we just aren’t getting through to people – that they are not getting our message. And sometimes we feel like we have no idea what the other person is on about. Understanding people’s behavioural styles and preferences can really help with our relationships with others. Using the Extended DISC profiling tool as the foundation, Kay will talk about the different behavioural types, how each type prefers to communicate and how you can more effectively communicate with each of the types.

Having an understanding of behavioural styles and energy types can help you improve sales, create better relationships with your customers and staff, build better teams and enhance your relationship with your partner, your children and your friends. And, of course, it can help you understand yourself!

What: What is SEO (and what it isn’t)
Time: 4.30pm
Sean McCoy, Owner of Captivate Digital

Research shows that the majority of small businesses set up a website … and then never touch it again. Your website is not supposed to be a brochure. Your website is supposed to be a tool that captures the attention of people who are looking for you, your product and service; people who you are likely never going to be able to find through outward marketing tactics.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the function of making your online content visible to search engines for ranking so that those strangers out there who are looking for your product or service can find you. SEO is not black magic, it’s not smoke and mirrors, but it is incredibly important in today’s business environment. Come and learn why SEO is so important to you and your business, be introduced to tools that you can use and strategies to give yourself the best opportunity to be found online.

What: What to do now to protect your business when you’re gone
Time: 4.30pm
Melissa Sloan, Solicitor of Madison Sloan Lawyers

One question business clients ask is “How do I make provision for my business/business assets in the event that something happens to me?” In this presentation I will address the various business structures – such as sole proprietors or a partnership – and how that structure impacts the future of your business. We will also address the merits of putting in place Business Succession Agreements and Partnership Agreements so that at the time of business sale, closure or inheritance, the business is protected.

What: Why Facebook isn’t working for you
Time: 5.30pm
Who: Bambi Gordon, Chief Cook & Bottle Washer at The Woo

Hey – it’s free. Everyone is there. There are cute cats, witting memes and inspirational quotes. But really – is it working for you? Are you attracting customers? Doing business? My guess is that Facebook is only working for a minority of businesses.

In this session we will address the top 10 mistakes people are making on Facebook that damage their chance of ever reaching their objectives.

If you are one of the 5500 plus people in the Warrandyte Business & Community Network group on Facebook, and despite enjoying being there you are not getting any traction for your business, you will want to be in the audience for this presentation.

More info at warrandytebusinessexpo.com.au