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Council and community make progress on Taroona Avenue path

CONSTRUCTION HAS commenced on the next stage of the bike path which will link Warrandyte with the Main Yara Trail and the wider cycle network beyond.
The High School end of the path has started, with works expected to be completed by April.
Meanwhile, consultation for a new path along Taroona Avenue has taken another step forward with a meeting at the Warrandyte Community Hall.
On Wednesday, February 1, representatives from Manningham Council’s projects, planning and infrastructure teams were joined by Yarra Ward Councillor Carli Lange and an audience of around 30 people interested in the Council’s latest plans for the path, including the Warrandyte Community Association, and residents from Taroona Avenue and neighbouring streets.
The original idea was to link the Warrandyte River path to Warrandyte’s West End facilities and then eventually the Main Yarra Trail, however, community backlash against the over-engineered plans saw a rethink by Council with new plans for only a pedestrian path along the eastern side of the road.
In its original design, first proposed in 2018, the path was originally planned to be a shared path with a boardwalk running along the creek before it crossed the road at First Street to run along the western side of Taroona Avenue, taking out a dozen trees and restricting parking for visitors to both the market and local sporting events.
Then last October a new design was presented to the community for feedback, which Council Officers have incorporated into this (hopefully final) iteration of the plans.
Cr Lange summed up the mood of the audience “I know we are all excited, we have been waiting and waiting for this to come, but it is worth waiting and getting all the feedback from last time, and we have to look at how that has been incorporated in this design,” she said.
The latest iteration of the plans has integrated local stone into the edging, grey concrete, and natural swale guttering, in what has been largely acknowledged by the audience as being a vast improvement on the original design, and retaining all existing vegetation.
The stone edging will separate pedestrians from vehicular traffic and keep cars from parking on the path.
The road will be widened on the western side at the lower section to take into account the intrusion of the path at that point.
Cr Lange said this path is something that has been requested by residents.
“There has been a callout for its need and it has been ranked as a priority for footpaths in Manningham.
“This is a project that highlights the new planning guidelines and the mechanisms that make sure that planning and construction in Manningham follow the guidelines and procedures,” she said.
Doug Seymour of the WCA said he was generally encouraged by the new design.
“I think they really have taken notice of community concerns and also adopted many of the measures in the Green Wedge Management Plan but I still think there are some minor details that we can seek some improvements on, such as the reduction of parking opportunities,” he told the Diary.
Taroona Avenue Resident Colin Hall was also disappointed parking was not better managed.
“We have big sports events, and the market, and we like those things, it is part of the excitement of living in this street.”
Cyclists have not been incorporated into this plan, with children able to ride on the path, but other cyclists keeping to the road, a dedicated cycleway may be incorporated at a future date, but given that Taroona Avenue is generally a quiet road, it is not a priority either for Council or cyclists.
Local resident, Ian Moore said as a cyclist, he would still ride down the middle of the road.
“But it is good for kids, elderly, and people with dogs, it keeps them separated from the cars,” he said.
There was a discussion for further improvements to the design, James Charlwood suggesting lining the swale with stones or creating raingardens, similar to those used by Maroondah Council in comparable situations, to assist in slowing the water and creating cleaner runoff into the creek.
The finalised plans will be returned to the community and, unless the project becomes subject to a cultural heritage review, construction is hoped to commence in mid-2023.

“Missing Link” shared path getting closer

THE SHARED path linking Warrandyte to the Main Yarra Trail has made another small step forward.
A window for public response to planning application PLN22/0002 — vegetation removal associated with the construction of a public shared path — between Alexander Road and the Mullum Mullum Trail closed on September 21, and there were three submissions in response.
Meanwhile, Council will be hosting an information session on October 26, at the Warrandyte Community Hall (Senior Citizens Centre), for further discussion regarding the plan to construct a shared footpath along Taroona Avenue, connecting  Warrandyte-Heidelberg Road with the Warrandyte River Reserve/Everard Drive.
The Taroona Avenue Shared Path has been contentious.
In the multiple iterations of this shared path, extensive tree removal has required public advertisement of the works and has resulted in a community response against the plans — with feedback ranging from opposition to the number of trees being removed, the unsympathetic design which is out of character with the surrounding built and natural environment, and even some groups/submitters questioning if a shared path is genuinely required along an often quiet residential road, which only sees extensive traffic during large town events such as Warrandyte Riverside Market.
Council says the path will form part of its Main Yarra Trail Extension Project to facilitate the safe movement of pedestrians and cyclists through the local area in all weather conditions.
The forthcoming information session will allow community members to meet with Council officers and discuss possible solutions for completing this missing section of the Main Yarra Trail along Taroona Avenue.

The Main Yarra Trail Extension Project

The Main Yarra Trail will provide a seamless connection from Warrandyte to the CBD when completed.
The trail will benefit pedestrians and cyclists by joining the Main Yarra Trail, Mullum Mullum Trail and other trails.
The trail extension aims to deliver increased participation in physical activities such as walking and riding to school, shops, and work.
Linking the CBD to Warrandyte will also be a major drawcard for recreational cyclists and tourists.
The plan for this trail has evolved over 20 years, and is being built in stages:

Stage 1: Beasley’s Nursery – Alexander Road.
This 750-metre section of the trail will provide safe off-road access from Mullum Mullum Creek to Alexander Road, where it joins into the existing trail.
Construction is planned for late 2022 to early 2023.
Stage 2: Alexander Road – Pound Road.
This one-kilometre section from Warrandyte High School to Pound Road was completed over several phases between 2011 and 2020.
Stage 3: Pound Road – Taroona Avenue.
Council is working with the Department of Transport on the design of this section of the trail.
This 1,385-metre section includes steep and curved roads with heavily vegetated roadsides.
Council aims to reduce the loss of trees, keep access to residential areas open, and provide a safer path for the community.
This section also intersects with bus stops, so safety measures will be important.
It is due for completion in 2023/2024
Stage 4: Taroona Avenue.
Based on community feedback in 2019, Council is reviewing the design for the 400-metre Taroona Avenue section of the trail.

The trail extension is listed in several of Manningham Council’s strategic plans, including the Manningham Bicycle Strategy and the Active for Life Recreation Strategy.
Manningham Mayor Cr Michelle Kleinert said cyclists and pedestrians currently travel along informal and disconnected footpaths and arterial roads, which poses a safety risk.

“The Warrandyte Township is a major tourism and recreation destination on the Yarra River, on the edge of the Green Wedge.
“This trail extension will make it easier and more enjoyable for recreational cyclists and locals to access and enjoy all that Warrandyte and the river offer.
“This is a good thing for local business and tourism,” she said.

Council has already begun ancillary works along the proposed route of the trail extension with the recently completed barbeque area and bike repair station at Warrandyte Reserve; the new rest stop has already seen extensive use.
There is also a new bike repair station, picnic table, map board and drink fountain near Beasley’s Nursery.

Have your say

This information session has been on hold since September 2021 due to COVID, but residents criticised the last round of plans for excessive tree removal, impact on sports and market parking and a potentially dangerous road crossing near First Street.
This path will be built and will be with us for a long time.
As we discuss what we imagine Warrandyte to look like, this is the perfect opportunity to put this into action.

Date: Wednesday, October 26, 2022
Time: 5pm–7pm
Location: Warrandyte Community Hall, 8 Taroona Avenue, Warrandyte.
For more information, visit yoursay.manningham.vic.gov.au/main-yarra-trail.