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Be Part of the Recreation and Sport conversation

MANNINGHAM Council has voted to establish a Recreation and Sport Advisory Committee (RSAC).
At Manningham’s August Council meeting, Cr Laura Mayne moved the introduction of the new RSAC, which will run for a two-year trial. “We are introducing this committee so we can have a municipal-wide analysis of Rec and Sport in Manningham as well as representing to our community our commitment to this area.”
She said the committee’s purpose will be to provide strategic advice to Council, particularly in implementing, monitoring, and evaluating Manningham’s Active for Life Recreation Strategy 2010-2025.
The RSAC will operate in place of the Municipal Recreation Association (MRA), which, until it was wound up in 2018, provided community advice on sport and recreation matters to Council.
Members of the community wishing to apply need to show a connection to Manningham – either that they live, work or study in the municipality – and should not presently be an incumbent president, secretary, or treasurer of a sports club.
“We are hoping to have an all-rounded diverse group of up to 15 people who are passionate about Sport and Rec, are intertwined with our local community, and are willing to volunteer their time.”
The committee will be chaired by Cr Andrew Conlon, and includes Cr Stephen Mayne and Cr Carli Lange.
“Overall, I am excited to see the formation of this committee and very optimistic about the contributions it will provide as Rec and Sport is vital to community connection, can do great things for community inclusion and support, and is key to our physical and mental health,” Cr Laura Mayne said.
Cr Lange told the meeting that she was excited about serving on the committee to discuss important aspects of recreation and sports governance.
She said the Active for Life Strategy discusses principles around keeping healthy and resilient citizens, improving physical outcomes, and having inclusive recreation and sport.
“It is about meeting daily physical challenges that we have and offering choice to our Manningham residents in the recreation and sport that they do, both passive and active,” Cr Lange said.
Cr Stephen Mayne noted that Council has adopted the name “Recreation and Sport” rather than the traditional “Sport and Recreation”.
He said it sends the message that the committee will not just be about cricket, footy, and soccer.
“But about the cyclists, the golfers, dog walkers, the personal trainers – it is everyone who likes to recreate and participate in sport,” he said.
Cr Stephen Mayne said that while they have banned incumbent club presidents, treasurers and secretaries from being on the committee, there is nothing to stop former presidents, treasurers and secretaries.
“It would be great to get people who can go across multiple areas, someone who has been a president of a cricket club, but who is also a keen cyclist and swimmer, as opposed to a cricket person, a footy person, a soccer person, with everyone just pushing their narrow interest.” Expressions of Interest to be on the committee will open later in September, with the committee expected to be endorsed at Council’s November meeting.