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Fire Danger Period ends for Manningham and Nillumbik

THE COUNTRY Fire Authority (CFA) has announced that the Fire Danger Period (FDP) will finish at 1am on Tuesday, April 11, in the portions of the following municipalities not included in the area formerly known as the Metropolitan Fire District, as of June 30, 2020:

  • Knox City Council
  • Manningham City Council
  • Maroondah City Council
  • Mitchell Shire
  • Shire of Murrindindi
  • Nillumbik Shire Council
  • Whittlesea Council
  • Yarra Ranges Council

While restrictions are lifting in these areas, CFA still expects the grassfire risk to remain across the state in the coming months, so Victorians need to remain alert and prepared.
CFA North East Deputy Chief Officer Ross Sullivan said completion of harvest and more moderate weather conditions in the area has decreased fire risk, posing an appropriate opportunity to remove fire restrictions.

“Due to the cool, damp weather conditions we’re currently experiencing through autumn, and following consultation with our partner agencies, we feel it’s the right time to end the fire danger periods in these regions,” he said.
“It is, however, still possible for fires to start and cause significant damage, so landowners should remain vigilant and assess conditions ahead of fire use.
“We’re urging everyone to stay safe, whether you’re living in or travelling to high bushfire risk areas.
“Please monitor the conditions on hot, dry and windy days, as we may still see some days of elevated fire risk.”

The end of the FDP will allow some landowners to burn-off again.
However, residents must check that local conditions are safe before undertaking these activities.

“You must register your burn-offs, check the weather forecast and follow local council laws and regulations,” DCO Sullivan said.

Registering your burn-off ensures that if smoke or fire is reported, the incident is cross-checked with the register, which prevents firefighters from unnecessarily responding. When conducting burn-offs, remain alert and always have resources on hand to extinguish the fire.
Landowners can register their burn-off by calling 1800 668 511 or online at www.firepermits.vic.gov.au.
If possible, landowners should also notify their neighbours and others nearby who may be sensitive to smoke so they can take necessary precautions.

Keep your burn-off safe and legal

  • Check fire restrictions in your area and always register your burn at www.firepermits.vic.gov.au.
  • Check and monitor weather conditions — particularly wind.
  • To avoid unnecessary calls to emergency services, notify your neighbours beforehand.
  • Leave a three-metre fire break, free from flammable materials around the burn.
  • Have sufficient equipment and water to stop the fire from spreading. Never leave a burn-off unattended — stay for its entire duration.
  • If your burn-off gets out of control, call 000 immediately.

Tips for looking after your health when there is smoke can be found on Environmental Protection Authority Victoria’s website www.epa.vic.gov.au/for-community/environmental-information/air-quality/smoke/smoke-your-health.

Fire danger period to end south of the river

The CFA have declared the fire danger period for District 13 will finish at 1am on March 20, this includes Knox, Manningham, Maroondah, and Yarra Ranges Council areas.

CFA Operations Manager Dave Renkin urges people to remember to adhere to local council regulations, and to register their burn-offs.

“Calls to unregistered burn-offs take volunteer firefighters away from workplaces, families and potentially genuine emergencies,” he said.

Given Nillumbik still has fire restrictions in place, taking the necessary precautions when planning to burn-off will allow the fire authorities to react efficiently to all fire calls.

“If you haven’t registered your burn you can expect some disgruntled fireys arriving at your property asking you to ‘please explain’,” Mr Renkin said.

Keep your burn off safe and legal:

  • Check fire restrictions in your area and always register your burn.
  • Check and monitor weather conditions — particularly wind.
  • Warn your neighbours beforehand that there will be smoke in the air.
  • Stay in attendance the whole time your burn is going.
  • Have sufficient equipment and water to stop the fire spreading.

Landowners can register their burn-off with the Emergency Services Telecommunications Authority (ESTA) by calling 1800 668 511 or emailing burnoffs@esta.vic.gov.au

Photo: Stephen Reynolds