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A triple treat at the Mechanics’ Hall

THE LINES are learnt, the lights are lit, and the choc-tops are on ice as Warrandyte Theatre Company (WTC) prepares to showcase three thoughtful One Act Plays at the end of June.
The three plays are a product of the recent WTC One Act Play Writing Competition.
The competition received 21 submissions, of which three were chosen for performance.
The winning plays are:

  • The Midnight Muse by Michael Olsen
  • Mockingbird by Alison Knight
  • Double Booked by Adrian Rice

Returning to the stage in The Midnight Muse is Mason Frost and Dani Carey.
This young and energetic pair flourish the stage with the whimsical musings of their characters directed by the thoughtful and meticulous Grant Purdy.
Steven (Mason Frost) is a young writer.
Calli, an Ancient Greek Muse (Dani Carey), has visited Steven, but he doesn’t want her help.
Calli thinks otherwise. She’s inspired writers for centuries.
Tonight, on this special night, she’s determined to help him — whether he wants it or not.

Mockingbird is directed by Ruth Richter, who has carefully crafted this sensitive piece, making sure that each scene is given the attention it deserves to portray this heartbreaking story.
This busy one-act play has multiple locations, action, heartbreak, philosophical discussion, and enough light and shade to keep the audience engaged and entertained.
With some returning actors, Pablo Robert, Craig Willis, James Poyner and some fresh faces to WTC, Jacky Barber and Jo Lippold, this play is sure to leave you contemplating society’s snubs and kindnesses. Tom (played by Pablo Robert) lives in a run-down house in a prosperous suburb.
Jake (James Poyner) and Ella (Jacky Barber) discuss how to support him, but this grates with some. Mockingbird looks at how society treats misfits. Ignore them, get rid of them, or show compassion.
But you might find something you can’t handle.

Double Booked sees an Under the Table (Sean Guy, Season 1 2023) reunion of Eleni Karandinas, Adrian Quintarelli, and Pablo Robert, and is directed by Michelle Reeves with Kerry Walsh (Assistant Director) to bring this hilarious and extraordinary true tale to life (well, true the end).
A sex worker (played by Eleni Karandinas) finds herself with one more customer than expected (played by Pablo Robert) and needs the help of the student (Adrian Quintarelli) who lives in the upstairs apartment.
The client, down on their luck, caused by an egregious wrongdoing, and the student discover a common past and hatch a plan to set things straight for the client.

Behind the scenes, WTC has a dedicated team ensuring everything is coming together smoothly.
Lou Phelan is producing and co-ordinating Front of House, Sandi Miller and Grant Purdy are creating sound and lights (and a big thanks to Pam Ford for programming the audio) Simone Kiefer as Stage Manager, Denise Farran and Noelene Cooper curating costumes, and Kerry Walsh and Michelle Reeves creating and posting on social media.
WTC would love you to join them for this wonderful celebration of Warrandyte’s flourishing talent and entertain you with these three well-written, directed and performed One Act Plays.
Performances Opening night is Friday, June 21, for eight performances (including two matinees) over three weekends.
Tickets cost $25 for adults and $20 for concessions. www.trybooking.com/CRFEH.