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Foundation students flourish at ACPS

EXCITEMENT HAS filled the air at Andersons Creek Primary School (ACPS) as the school journey begins for its newest students. Foundation students have seamlessly transitioned into the ACPS community with smiles and a positive attitude towards their learning.
The school community is thrilled to see these enthusiastic young learners embarking on their primary school journey.
The transition from Kinder has been smooth, thanks to staff dedication and the support of families.
ACPS’s transition program, designed to ease anxieties and familiarise children with the new school environment, has received positive feedback from parents.
Parents have praised the program and credited it for helping the children transition smoothly.
The Foundation students have entered the classroom with enthusiasm.
They are demonstrating a willingness to embrace new routines and are showing optimism and a readiness to explore.
There is a buzz with the joy of discovery as they are exposed to new subjects and make new friends.
The warm welcome extends beyond the classroom. ACPS fosters a spirit of inclusivity and support, as evidenced in the new Foundation students’ interactions with their Grade 6 buddies.
Staff have observed heartwarming acts of kindness and camaraderie in the playground, where older students are ready to lend a helping hand or offer friendly encouragement.
Witnessing this genuine compassion from senior students towards the new Foundation children fills the teaching team with pride.
It speaks volumes about the positive, nurturing environment cultivated at ACPS.
Looking ahead, the year promises to be filled with rich learning experiences, exciting challenges, and moments of individual growth.
The journey starts with a welcome, and ACPS has delivered one with warmth, support, and, most importantly, a sense of belonging.
As the children settle into their new routine, ACPS staff look forward to fostering creativity and curiosity in young minds ready to learn and grow.