Smashing cricket, all for a great cause

by Sandi Miller
5th February 2024

THE PINK STUMPS recently came out at Warrandyte Oval for a doubleheader of Women’s cricket.
First up, Wonga Park played St Andrews, which saw Wonga Park victorious thanks to some excellent bowling from Alisha Champion and excellent batting from opener Sherice Oliver, who led Wonga Park’s charge to surpass St Andrews after only 15 of their 20 overs.
Warrandyte then gave Ainslie Park/Croydon Ranges a lesson in big-hitting, needing only to call on four of their batting order.
The opening pair of team captain Yasemin Ziada, and Andrea Cummings, racked up a century between them before Andrea was taken out for 47, and Yasmin was compulsorily retired at 50.
This paved the way for young superstar Violet Muleta to rack up 37 off just 23 balls.
After taking the crease in the final over, Rachel Watts managed to face two balls and finish with a 1* against her name.
Warrandyte’s bowlers came out strong, with Paige Claringbold serving their opener with a golden duck.
Two catches from the captain and one from Violet Muleta sealed the visitors’ fate, as they fell short of the 156 they required at the 20-over mark.
Warrandyte Captain Yasmin Ziada told the Diary the team has now had five wins and a tie for the season.

“Everyone in the comp we’ve beaten, so with four more matches to play, we have a chance for the finals.”

After beginning as a Social Sixes fitness program, attended mainly by mums of the junior boys teams, Warrandyte’s women’s team has made incredible progress, with many of the original participants still playing.

“This is our second season in a real competition.
“We’re in D grade, which is probably well suited for us because we’re trying to make it a pathway for the younger girls.
“They come up, and they love the fielding, they come out and do some extra bowling and batting because they are mis-graded a little, and getting beaten a bit in the juniors.
“So, they come here and have some personal successes, so it’s really, really good.
“We have also seen improvements in the people that never played cricket before; they come along each week and continually improve.
“So that’s the joy to me as the captain, to see everyone improving.”

With all matches in D grade being held at Warrandyte Oval on Sunday, the club turned it into the Women’s Round and made it a Pink Stumps fundraiser. Katie Taubert, who organises Pink Stumps events for Warrandyte Cricket Club, said not only did the other teams embrace the theme and dress in pink — with only a week’s notice, but St Andrews Cricket Club donated $370 to Warrandyte’s fundraising efforts for the McGrath Foundation.

“An incredible amount of money from their ‘sorry jar’ — when they make a mistake and say ‘sorry’, they have to put money in the jar because they’re all new and learning.”

Warrandyte also raised several hundred dollars with a sausage sizzle and craft stall at the match.
They will be holding a Pink Stumps morning tea at the end of February, which has already sold out.
If you have missed out on tickets and still want to support the McGrath Foundation, you can find “Pink Stumps Warrandyte Cricket Club” on Facebook or donate directly to the McGrath Foundation.
Last year, the Warrandyte Cricket Club donated $27,000 to the McGrath Foundation.
Already this year, they have raised $15,000 and are hoping to beat last year’s target.
But Katie said it is not just about fundraising; awareness is a big part of what they do, walking around town in their hot-pink outfits to make people smile and think.

“You will often find us down by the river — we’re always yelling out — ‘check your boobies’, ‘check your prostate’, and ‘get yourself down to breast screen’.
“It just makes people look at each other as they walk past, and you can see them thinking, ‘Yes, it’s been a while; maybe I should’.
“We had Pinking Up Warrandyte last October, and that was huge, and we are looking forward to doing that again this year.”