Road to frustration

by Scott Podmore and David Hogg
12th September 2016

Road works, road jams and road rage seems to be running rife as traffic congestion issues continue in the heart of Warrandyte, north and south.

Among proposed bridge works, drivers, cyclists and pedestrians are now having to deal with road works, sewerage works and power lines going underground in what has become a mighty mess for locals wanting to get anywhere in a hurry.

Meanwhile, as the Diary goes to press, James Lindsay, communications and stakeholder relations officer at VicRoads, advises VicRoads is organising an online survey to gather additional feedback on the bridge upgrade, in particular the T intersection north of the bridge.

When this survey is online, they will be advertising it on social media, the web page and will send emails to those who registered their interest previously.

Recently locals were given a chance to give feedback at the VicRoads website – while comments are now closed, you can read the feedback here vicroads.mysocialpinpoint. com/warrandyte#/marker/20819

Among many comments by local residents, here is a selection:

  • “We desperately need a zebra crossing from the river to the group of shops in Yarra St (just after the bridge near the toilets). People drive over the bridge and through the roundabout too quickly – Someone will be run over one day.”
  • “Bus interchange needs to be moved (right near the bridge). Sometimes 2-3 buses arrive and they block the roundabout in peak hour, meaning zero traffic flow in any direction.”
  • “It regularly takes me over 15 minutes to travel 1km, all due to the bottleneck at research road and the bridge. We need another crossing at the end of Bradley’s Lane.”
  • “The queue at morning rush hour trying to cross the bridge from north to south can take 30 minutes – etiquette system means those turning R from R-W Rd are turning illegally into KG Rd traffic.”
  • “Expanding bridge will not solve traffic congestion or help in a fire. Maybe a blue lane out of Warrandyte that is active in fire time. Upgrading the bridge will encourage idiots to stay to fight fires.”
  • “Will the foot bridge be completed before the bridge widening, I walk my dogs across the bridge frequently and would like this to remain possible during construction.”
  • The bridge is not the problem. Traffic coming from the township side of the road is terrible and banks back 1km to 2 km at peak hour which limits the traffic flow off the bridge at the roundabout.”
  • “Do not widen the bridge. This will only cause further congestion on the Ringwood-Warrandyte Road. Another separate bridge needs to be built across the Yarra river at Wonga Park or further out.”
  • “Traffic using Warrandyte Bridge in peak hour is not just local traffic – an additional bridge must be put in to deal with the volume which is only going to grow with further development.”
  • “I am not a truck driver but see truck traffic increasing on this road every year. Need to look at what is creating this and work to resolve it – not make it easier and quicker for more trucks!”