Podcast weighs in on Teskey Brothers story

10th August 2020

MUSHROOM HAS launched its first ever original podcast, 180 Grams, with a six-part rockumentary about Warrandyte’s very own Teskey Brothers.

180 Grams is an ongoing series which tells the stories behind remarkable albums, inviting fans into the lives of some of the most renowned and loved artists of our time.

Season one of the 180 Grams podcast uncovers the highs and lows and untold stories from Warrandyte locals to international rock’n’soul group; The Teskey Brothers.

From busking at the St Andrews Market to playing Red Rock Music Festival in Colorado the 10-year journey is explored by the boys themselves, and those that have been with them on that ride.

180 Grams is named because that is the weight of a collector’s edition vinyl record.

“Unlike the stories in the show, 180-gram records glide smoothly on turntables thanks to the weight,” said the Mushroom announcement.

Across six episodes, as the debut season of 180 Grams delves into the making of The Teskey Brothers’ acclaimed sophomore studio album Run Home Slow — listeners are taken on the journey from pre-production all the way through to sold-out international tours.

Run Home Slow, like Half Mile Harvest before it, was recorded right here in the band’s studio, built under their share-house on a typically Warrandyte bush block.

“The space really captures the whole energy of everyone there — the bustle of a share house with people — there’s gardening going on, there’s cooking going on, there’s yelling going on, there’s mostly good laughs from Josh and the rest of the boys,” reflected the band’s assistant engineer Soren Maryasin.

180 Grams is a tag-along adventure of creative struggle, teenage friendship and global fame with a universally loved band from Warrandyte.

Music journalist Mikey Cahill talks to the Teskey Brothers as they discuss learning the ropes of the music business and the pressures of making a second album filled with nuance, tension and carefully crafted songs.

The podcast explores how the band’s career skyrocketed in 2016 after uploading a track to Triple J Unearthed and being discovered by a record company.

Marihuzka Cornelius, A&R Manager at Ivy League Records, said she was sitting at her desk in Woolloomooloo, Sydney, trawling the Unearthed website then, hearing their song, sat up.

“When I heard them, I thought, ‘Oh my God, if I love this so much, off the bat, surely other people will love this too’ — and I just never had a doubt that it would cut through because I always say ‘you can’t fake good’.”

The conversation that followed spawned the release of their first album, Half Mile Harvest, which was just the start of their journey to international fame.

The band took their time courting deals for their second album, and the plan pays off with something rare and rather complicated.

They negotiated for the territories of USA, Europe and Australia to get favourable, big label, local representation in each.

Danny Roberts, from Decca/Universal said “I’ve signed many acts in my career, but signing the Teskey Brothers was without a doubt the proudest moment of my career, partly due to the fact that it took so long”.

The podcast is filled with little treasures for The Teskey Brothers super fans, including a pattern in the instrumental music used throughout the six-episode series.

In order of appearance on the album, instrumental tracks are used to score the narration and guests in each episode: Let Me Let You Down (track 1) before switching to stems from Carry You for the second half.

Many people who work intimately with the band were interviewed for the series; 32 in total across the USA, UK, Germany and Australia including Josh Teskey (vocals and rhythm guitar), Sam Teskey (lead guitar), Brendon Love (bass guitar) and Liam Gough (drums) who make up The Teskey Brothers.