One sausage at a time

by Zeus
6th May 2024

THOSE STATE Emergency Service (SES) people from the Manningham Unit are smart.
They help advertise their skills and display their equipment at the local warehouse hardware store.
I think my owner calls it “Bunnys”.
They meet all their potential customers before any emergency even happens.
My favourite aisle is 25.
Prowling up and down, taking in all the aromas, I adore this aisle with all its plants and fertilisers.
My absolute favourite scent is blood and bone.
My owner is always dropping into Bunnys to pick up all sorts of nuts, bolts, brackets, bits of wooden sticks and stuff to paint it all with. Recently, I discovered aisle 26.
Around Australia, this new aisle has delighted my fellow pets with its excellent selection of yummy food treats, toys, and pet accessories.
Often the people in red shirts and wearing aprons give me free samples.
They really appreciate my highly developed ability to appreciate treats.
I often chat with the special orders desk people as well.
They are very helpful and have put all my free samples into a special plastic box just under the desk. Each time I visit, they let me sample their latest products.
This magical box never seems to empty. Many humans visit Bunnys on a weekend for the famous sausage in bread.
I just love doing this because it’s a sizzling way to help a charity.

Manningham SES Open Day

At the recent Manningham SES Unit Open Day, they invited what seemed like 100s of young, hungry Scouts.
They were ravenous after visiting all the fun stands with all the searching and rescue equipment on display.
I got myself a canine life jacket in case they let me ride in one of those rubber duckies.
After visiting all their equipment stands, I looked over and — there it was — the Bunnys’ sausages had come along too!
Not only did I get to see my favourite red-shirted, apron-wearing humans alongside my new best friends, the orange-emblazoned members of the SES, but all the sausages were FREE!
It topped off an excellent night for the Scouts.
Those SES people are brilliant.