Nourishing connections: The Big Community Lunch at Warrandyte Neighbourhood House

by Chewy
4th December 2023

THE WARRANDYTE Neighbourhood House recently hosted a delightful event that filled stomachs and warmed hearts — the Warrandyte Big Lunch.
This initiative aimed to bring residents together, fostering a sense of inclusion and camaraderie in our community by sharing a meal.
It is the second Big Community Lunch held by the Neighbourhood house in the Community Centre hall and was attended by 40 people, young and old, well mostly old, but some younger and middle-aged.
The purpose of the meal is simple and two-fold: Help prevent social isolation and provide an opportunity for the Warrandyte community to get together.
Provide a nutritious meal for members of the community who may be struggling in the current financial times.
The Big Community Lunch was more than the simple act of eating; it was a platform for conversations, laughter, renewing friendships, and making new ones.
Neighbours who might not have crossed paths in their daily routines found themselves engaged in lively discussions, sharing stories, and discovering common interests.
The event served as a reminder that Warrandyte is more than a suburb; it is a strong community built on the foundation of connections formed through shared moments of joy and support.
This was only the second lunch, but the intention is for these events to become an integral part of a strong Warrandyte community.
This year’s third and last lunch is The Big Christmas lunch, and the plan is for a spit roast followed by Lions Club Christmas Puddings.
All of Warrandyte are both invited and welcome. Come along, meet friends, and enjoy a good meal shared with others from our community.
You can just turn up, but it really helps with catering if we have a rough estimate of how many will be attending, so please get in touch with Warrandyte Neighbourhood House if you are planning to go.
The Big Christmas Lunch will be on December 11 at 12:30pm; bring an empty stomach and some good conversation to share.
Manningham Council, Warrandyte Lions Club, Rotary Club of Warrandyte Donvale, Warrandyte Riverside Market, Access Health and Community, JobCo, and Life Therapies generously support the lunches.

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