New model Green machine

by Scott Podmore
12th April 2016


WHEN we heard there’d been a new signing, and the name Shelby Green had been dropped, we wondered which women’s soccer team had ensnared the up and coming North Warrandyte local and granddaughter of Diary founder Cliff Green.

Further digging revealed the athletic youngster was the centre of a very different signing. Australian fashion icon Chadwicks Models, with over 30 years in the industry, believe Shelby’s striking features and hard-working attitude just might make her the next big thing in an arena, keen to portray a fresh, healthy image for young Australian women.

“Shelby joins a select group managed and promoted by the highly respected company,” Chadwicks booker Nathan Rossenrode told the Diary.

“As agents we are always on the lookout for talent who possess an individuality that will stand them apart from their modeling peers. When I first saw Shelby I was struck by her uniqueness, she possesses a different kind of beauty from many girls we represent.

“Apart from her physical attributes Shelby is also a very articulate and intelligent young woman. As models, it’s important to have a confidence. Beauty can only take attitude and personality that takes you to that next level. Shelby is still very young, but is confident and has a maturity beyond her years.”

Shelby’s soccer is also on the up and up. After a season with the Victorian state team at the National Training Centre and a successful nationals competition at Coffs Harbour, the fast running full back is now a proud member of the Bulleen Lions Women’s National Premier League side for the 2016 season.

Balancing school, soccer and a potential modelling career will provide quite a challenge, but the focused 15-year-old told the Diary: “I’ll just have to prioritise everything, be organised and get things done, but I’m looking forward to the opportunity to see where this (modelling) might lead me.”

And when asked how she might find standing in a bathing suit in a cold day? “No problem, try smashing into grown women, on a six degree day in the middle of a wind-swept soccer pitch.”

The Diary will be keeping an eye out for Shelby, whether she be shooting goals or featuring in fashion shoots. There’s no limit to what this third generation Warrandytian can achieve.