Micky doubles up with gyms

by Michael Di Petta
12th September 2016

Time is running out for those looking to get fit quick ahead of summer, but thanks to an expansion project from Micky’s fitness in Research, Warrandytians won’t be short of venues to do a class or crunch some iron in.

Micky White and his wife Kate, owners of the popular Micky’s Fitness in Candlebark Court, Research, have recently opened up a gym just down the road at another bigger venue delivering even more opportunities to get yourself in tip-top shape.

Offering select classes in boxing, training fighters, a core and abs program, the new space at 5/1637 Main Rd, Research, will allow gym users to make the most of their Micky’s membership.

This will come as welcome news to Warrandyte locals, who already make up a decent percentage of the gym’s existing clientele.

“What inspired it was a lot to do with the space at the other gym, it was getting a little bit cramped. We wanted to create a better environment, more space but also to be able to include a lot more equipment and a bit more variety to the great classes that we already run,” Micky said.

New areas need new staff and Micky and Kate took no time in securing a professional boxing coach Rod Tanner to help run the new boxing program and give customers extra support in the ring.

The gym also contains a health bar, which provides gym goers with an easy opportunity to supplement their exercise with the right foods.

“The benefit of having a health bar in the gym is that it’s convenient for members and also the staff as well. It’s an added service, rather than have to head down to the shops to pick up their healthy food, people can grab it while they’re at training.”

The expansion is the first of many in the couple’s goal for the business, which involves establishing a double digit number of gyms over a period of time. “The ultimate goal is to have 10 gyms in 10 years and we want to keep the core of our business. So we are just going to keep building on what we are doing, obviously we will change and adapt what we are doing along the way, because any business knows there is room for improvement,” Micky said.

Even though the chain is growing, Micky and Kate are by no means moving away from their personalised style and will continue to ensure members receive the best possible experience.

“The great advantage of having a more personalised gym is just the community feel that we create, a lot of the big gyms and you’re just a nomad. A lot of gyms they’re not bothered, once they’ve got you in the door, you’re forgotten about. We really take care and pride in looking after the members to the best of our ability, remembering their names and actually getting to know them.”

For more information visit mickysfitness.com and find Micky’s Fitness on Facebook.