Jumping Creek Road plan endorsed by Council

MANNINGHAM Council adopted the Jumping Creek Road Design Proposal at its April Ordinary Council Meeting.
The design proposal outlines how the Jumping Creek Road upgrade project will be constructed.
Yarra Ward Councillor Carli Lange told the meeting that the proposal successfully balances the priorities of safe road usage and the need to preserve the unique visual amenity of the local area.

“What came out [of community consultation] as the main concerns were wildlife protection, enhancing the vegetation, the footpath network, the Homestead Road intersection and the safety concerns there, and speeding along the road.
“All of these have been addressed when preparing the preferred option.
“I ask my fellow councillors to support the great work that officers have done,” Cr Lange told the meeting.

The $17.9 million Jumping Creek Road upgrade project is a major project to reconstruct the entire length of Jumping Creek Road from Ringwood-Warrandyte Road in Warrandyte to Homestead Road in Wonga Park.
Council endorsed the Jumping Creek Road Development Framework in 2016 after serious safety risks were identified on the stretch of road.
A study conducted at the time identified that between January 2009 and December 2013, 17 crashes resulting in casualties were reported at Jumping Creek Road, including one fatal crash.
It was also identified that Jumping Creek Road is an essential local link road that carries more than 8,100 vehicles per day, with the traffic volume expected to double to 15,000 cars per day by 2035.
In 2013, a Community Reference Panel was established to consult on the project with members of the community, Ward Councillors, and project officers, providing invaluable input on the road upgrade plan.
Cr Andrew Conlon was one of the original Councillors that worked with the reference panel.

“One of the great outcomes for the reference panel was the significant shift in recognising the wildlife and doing what we could to accommodate the wildlife crossing.
“I think that was one of those points of tension — I remember from the very start — and I do not think we really committed to the solution until relatively recently,” he said at the Council meeting.

Manningham Mayor Cr Michelle Kleinert said that the endorsement of the design proposal signifies the start of the next chapter for this project.

“We know how passionate our community is about the safety of its members and preserving the beautiful natural environment we all enjoy.
“This concept plan has done a wonderful job of considering these two key elements.
“With a lot of constructive input from our community, we know this upgrade will add value to the everyday lives of those who use Jumping Creek Road,” Cr Kleinert said.

The concept plan is designed to improve safety for all users.
Jumping Creek Road’s original construction standard has resulted in limited locations for pedestrians to walk along the road safely.
With over 11 years of community engagement on this project, the final design reflects the community’s views that have been considered at each step of the process.
Works on the Jumping Creek Road upgrade project are expected to begin in early 2023, with an early works package commencing in late 2022.
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