It’s a purrrfect storm

by Michael Di Petta
11th July 2016

Myth or monster? Community speaks up about big cat.

Following the Diary’s big reveal on the return of Warrandyte’s resident “Big Cat” sightings, social media has been awash with opinion and more sightings of the alleged resident beast.

The Diary Facebook page unveiled both video teaser and published article relating to the Big Cat and the response has been overwhelming, with avid Diary followers noticing a divide in public opinion.

A handful jokingly suggested Warrandytians claiming to have seen the cat had gone without their medicine (which is yet to be verified) or that flying spaceships were colluding with the whiskered one in some capacity.

On the other hand, multiple residents backed up claims the cat did indeed exist. After last month’s eye witness testimony provided by Ross Henderson and Kassie Jones, Warrandytians have stepped up to share their experiences about Big Cat sightings, and one “encounter“ stands out above the rest.

Judith Irving recalled an incident of five or six years prior which may well shed some light on the origins of Warrandyte’s enormous cat.

“Many years ago now my neighbour had a friend who came over with this cat and asked me to look after it,” Judith said. “She admitted it was virtually wild and the owners who fed it had it microchipped. I put it in my room it was quite large at this stage. It was so crazy and in the morning I couldn’t find it. I’d left the window open and it had leapt up about four feet off a shelf, out the window and flown through the flywire.”

If this cat did happen to have some kind of connection with the elusive wild beast lurking in our woods today, Judith pointed out the microchip would still be present and would be able to prove if the two animals were one and the same.

“I rang up the microchip people and got my name on their files, but I never heard any more and no one seemed to see it,” she said. “It was wild enough to look after itself. I was hoping someone would see it and let me know, but I’ve heard nothing. If anyone could ever manage to catch it and see if it’s microchipped, it could be the same cat as the one people are talking about today.

“It’s had plenty of time to get big as wild cats do.”

The odds that the two creatures are the same may be slim, but it is certainly not out of the question. If Judith’s “wild cat” is indeed our resident mystery creature, we may have proof that the cat has been roaming in our midst for at least five years.

Any locals with any information about the big cat are urged to contact us at