Grand Final finish for Reserves and Under 19s

5th September 2022


A PERFECT lead into finals for all three Warrandyte teams, registering six wins from six.
Both Senior and Reserves teams getting the double chance, while the Under 19s finishing third and going straight into an elimination final. The Seniors missed out on playing the big match, but both Reserves and Under 19s got the nod.
There was some thrilling footy as the two Grand Finals were played out on September 3 with the Under 19s grabbing the flag, while the Reserves missed the glory by a single point.


Seniors were unable to win through to the Grand Final, going down to Waverley Blues by 11, and then Donvale by 10, despite a huge comeback in the game against Donvale.

Round 17
Warrandyte 20.22-142
Fair Park 6.5-41

Goal Kickers: R. Phillips 8, M. Morris 2, T. Tout 2, Q. Clark 2, C. Tout, N. Brooking, M. Cullum, M. Buckley, T. Grimes, L. Shelton
Best Players: O. Hodgson, R. Phillips, L. Shelton, N. Brooking, J. Beasley, Q. Clark

Round 18
Glen Waverley 7.9-51
def by
Warrandyte 15.11-101
Goal Kickers: Q. Clark 6, J. Wilson 3, T. Tout, M. Morris, J. Kennedy, L. Saunders, M. Buckley, L. Guymer
Best Players: Q. Clark, N. Brooking, T. Versteegen, M. Wilson, J. Wilson, O. Hodgson

Semi Final @Jubilee Park
Waverley Blues 12.10-82
Warrandyte 11.7-73
Goal Kickers: Q. Clark 5, R. Phillips 2, L. Shelton 2, T. Tout, J. Moss
Best Players: M. Wilson, Q. Clark, O. Hodgson, L. Shelton, S. Jellie, T. Versteegen

Preliminary Final @Jubilee Park
Warrandyte 13.11-89
def by
Donvale 15.9-99
Goal Kickers: Q. Clark 4, R. Phillips 3, T. Grimes 2, C. Tout, J. Moss, N. Brooking, T. Tout
Best Players: T. Versteegen, T. Grimes, C. Tout, Q. Clark, T. Hayton, A. White


The Reserves, who have set the standard all year, fell short of their best in the first final, but got the job done against Whitehorse Pioneers to book a thoroughly deserved spot in the Grand Final.
The big day sadly did not go their way, getting pipped in overtime.
Full report in October’s Diary

Round 17
Warrandyte 14.21-105
Fair Park 5.9-39
Goal Kickers: G. Hitchman 5, L. Dunn 3, J. Gebert 2, N. Prelorenzo 2, K. Appleby, L. Brewis
Best Players: J. Meyers, M. Skien, N. Prelorenzo, B. Munks, J. Cullen-Hall, R. Paterson

Round 18
Glen Waverley 5.1-31
def by
Warrandyte 14.16-100
Goal Kickers: J. Cox 5, K. Appleby 4, D. OƕToole, D. Corke, J. Moss, C. Padfield
Best Players: J. Cox, K. Appleby, B. Davies, N. Prelorenzo, T. Jaksic, J. Moss

Semi Final @Jubilee Park
Warrandyte 5.7-37
def by
Waverley Blues 7.7-49
Goal Kickers: G. Hitchman 4, L. Noonan
Best Players: B. Richardson, J. Cullen-Hall, G. Hitchman, N. Prelorenzo, J. Meyers, L. Saunders

Preliminary Final @Jubilee Park
Warrandyte 7.9-51
Whitehorse Pioneers 6.5-41
Goal Kickers: G. Hitchman 5, L. Dunn 2
Best Players: G. Hitchman, K. Appleby, J. Tetlow, L. Brewis, N. Prelorenzo, B. Munks

Grand Final @Jubilee Park
Warrandyte 10.6-66
def by
Waverley Blues 10.7-67
Goal Kickers: K. Appleby 2, T. Jaksic 2, G Hitchman 2, L.Dunn
Best Players: B. Munks, K. Appleby, J. Cullen-Hall, T.Jaksic, N. Prelorenzo, G. Hitchman

Under 19s

The Under 19s season just keeps on improving.
With a fantastic back half of the year the bloods booked a spot in an elimination final.
Often called the “hard way” the route to the Grand Final without that double chance means there is no room for errors.
A 61-point win in the elimination final, meant that the 19s faced the top of the table Donvale, who lost their first game in the semi-final, in the preliminary final.
Donvale had beaten Warrandyte in both regular seasons meeting, by 69 points in round 1 and 22 points in round 12.
This time, in a arm wrestle of a match, the Bloods got the job done, punishing a wasteful Donvale who kicked 5.11 to Warrandyte’s 8.4.
Grand Final day at Jubilee Park saw some class footy with the Bloods coming away with the flag.
Full match report in October’s Diary.

Round 17
Kilsyth 4.1-25
def by
Warrandyte 19.19-133
Goal Kickers: J. Dib 4, E. Miller 3, M. Morena 3, A. Rostron 2, A. Thompson 2, L. Haberfield, F. Swedosh, B. Poole, E. Phillips, S. Nitschinsk
Best Players: S. Van der ree, E. Miller, S. Nitschinsk, A. Rostron, M. Morena, B. Fittolani

Round 18
The Basin Green 7.4-46
def by
Warrandyte 13.14-92
Goal Kickers: J. Dib 5, B. Poole 3, S. Nitschinsk 2, L. Haberfield, E. Phillips, M. Morena
Best Players: M. Morena, J. Dib, S. Nitschinsk, N. Withoff, S. Van der ree, L. Haberfield

Elimination Final @ East Burwood Reserve
Warrandyte 12.6-8
Chirnside Park 2.5-17
Goal Kickers: E. Miller 3, P. Downie 3, B. Poole 2, M. Morena, A. Thompson, E. Phillips, J. Dib
Best Players: W. Hatfield, S. Van der ree, N. Sharpe, E. Miller, W. Podmore, B. Matheson

Preliminary Final @Jubilee Park
Donvale 5.11-41
Warrandyte 8.4-52
Goal Kickers: B. Poole 3, E. Phillips 3, P. Downie, S. Nitschinsk
Best Players: L. Haberfield, B. Matheson, W. Hatfield, N. Withoff, W. Podmore, B. Fittolani

Grand Final @Jubilee Park
Warrandyte 11.6-72
Blackburn Red 5.6-36
Goal Kickers: E. Phillips 3, P. Downie 3, J. Dib 2, M. Morena, S. Nitschinsk, B. Poole
Best Players: S. Nitschinsk, L. Guymer, M. Standfield, W. Hatfield, F. Swedosh, S. Van der ree