Class of 2030 start their school journey

4th March 2024

PREP STUDENTS at Warrandyte Primary School (WPS) are off to a flying start, as they have started school and settled in straight away.
These children will be the Class of 2030 when they complete their primary school journey — a diverse and vibrant group of youngsters ready to explore, learn, and forge lasting friendships.
Teachers and support staff have left no stone unturned to create a welcoming and nurturing environment for the newest members of the academic community.
Prep classes are located in WPS’s historic stone building, close to the sandpit and dedicated Prep Playground, where the children enjoy making friends, playing, and running around at recess and lunchtime every day.
Principal Nieta Manser expressed her enthusiasm for the school year.
“It’s always exciting to welcome these children into our school family.
“We are excited about being able to provide them with a solid foundation for their academic and personal development.
“The evidence-based reading and writing model our school uses provides our students with the very best start to enable them to achieve academic success.”
The school’s newly established Dogs in Schools program meant the therapy dog, Winston, could provide comfort and support as WPS’s newest students said goodbye to their parents.
Teachers Meg Steeds and Steph Chivell have been delighted with their young students’ progress.
“It has been wonderful to see how quickly the children have settled into school life.
“They are a lovely group of children who enjoy spending time together and have a fantastic attitude to learning,” explained Steph.
Meg continued her praise of the students.
“I am loving getting to know each child’s personality and finding out what interests and excites them.
“I feel privileged to be a part of their early school journey.”
The Class of 2030 at Warrandyte Primary School has embarked on a journey filled with possibilities, challenges, and growth.
As the academic year unfolds, we know these Prep students will not only excel academically but also continue to develop into well-rounded individuals ready to make a positive impact on the world.
The WPS community wishes the children the best and hopes they have a fantastic Prep year.