Flash fiction

Flash Fiction

In August, the Diary opened its inbox to the young storytellers of Warrandyte.

Thorough collaboration with local schools, the Diary invited these aspiring authors and poets to submit their best works. The Diary is happy to share this work on this webpage and in the Warrandyte Diary.

Rhyming poems

By ERIN 3/4R

My grandma sent me to the store
To buy a nice new dress
I came home with a boot and a giant obsess

My daddy sent me to the store
To buy a pair of shorts
I came home with a book and some courts

My sister sent me to the store
To buy a brand new cat
I came home with some jeans and a bright pink hat

My parents sent me to the store
To buy a kitchen sink
I came home with a dog and t-shirt that was pink

My cousin sent me to the store
To buy a second-hand computer
I came home with a tree-house and a producer



My aunty sent me to the store,
To buy a pretty dress.
I came home with a parachute,
And a giant mess.

My puppy sent me to the store,
To buy some yummy treats.
I came home with a drum kit,
And some really good beats.

My grandma sent me to the store,
To buy some brand new dentures.
I came home with a pack of screws,
And some rusty wrenches.

My sister sent me to the store,
To buy a bright pink skirt.
I came home with a cactus,
And a torn up shirt.

My grandpa sent me to the store,
To buy some new black braces.
I came home with a pair of socks,
And some purple laces.

The Meaning of Life


Hello, my name is Maya and I’m in year 5/6B at Anderson’s Creek Primary School.
I decided to write something that I believe in very much.
I want to share this topic with my community to show that you don’t need expensive things, or fame to live the best life you possibly can.

People imagine what a grand life would be like.
For many people, they close their eyes and picture gold coins and priceless jewels, they imagine big houses and endless riches.
When people think of a wonderful life, they think of only what they do not have.
They think they don’t have enough to be happy.
But is that the right way to live life?
For me, I believe that a grand life involves happiness and support all around you, to be loved and cherished for not what you have, but for who you are.
There are many people that think of a grand life as a world that would have no war or running water in their country, things we all take for granted in first world countries.
There are people that live in poverty and in sickness but they do not wish for any more than they have.
They feel that they have all they need to live a grand life, and the reason why is because they have gratitude, love and kindness around them.
Things you don’t need riches to have, things that are the most important feelings to keep you living a joyful, grand life.

Our true world

By RUBY – 5/6B

Here is a story that needs to be told,
It’s bitter and icy, like the Antarctic cold.
Our world is dying, slowly each day,
And there’s something I’d just like to say.
We think we know so much, in every inch, in every space.
But we don’t know much about this wondrous place.
Deep in the ocean our colourful coral,
Is dying away from spills of oil.
Inside the jungle there’s chatter and caper,
But it’s getting cut down for cardboard and paper.
The polluted air, in which we breathe,
Is chocking all our plants and trees.
By the beach on our golden sands,
Is a whole heap of rubbish, plastic and cans.
So us as humans, we need to act fast,
If we want our world to last.
To save our world we need many hands,
You don’t need to be our biggest fans.
I think this statement is more than true,
The little changes start with you.


My brother’s room


My brother’s room, what a nightmare!
It’s so messy it’s like a tsunami of clothes, toys, rubbish and painful Lego.
My brother’s room, what a nightmare!
My Mum shouts “clean it up!”
My Dad bellows “clean it up, it is like a dump!”
What does my brother do?
It’s like he controls the Lego, it finds its way tooth softest part of my foot.
And sinks its Lego teeth into my flesh.
I scream and kick.
My brother’s room, what a nightmare!
I don’t know how he gets around it.
His bed has not been washed like in a millennia.
It’s so dirty you might catch malaria!
The walls haven’t been washed or the celling or the smelly carpet.
One day I called the pest control to the room.
They couldn’t clean it because it smells like toxic.
The room is finally clean.
One day later the room is messy AGAIN!




Once in Greek Myths, there were three hideous, mischief making monsters. They were called…
The Gorgons!
Stheno, Euryale and Medusa! Now, these three monsters were, almost unstoppable, flesh-eating horrendous creatures.
With a glance of the eye, you would be turned to stone.
Their snake-like hair could kill you in one bite.
Their long claws could rip you to pieces.
Stheno and Euryale, are the daughters of the evil Echidna and Typhon.
That means they are both immortal.
But, Medusa was considered mortal because people believed that her parents were, Phorkys and Keto.
That was why in the Greek Myths, Perseus was able to kill Medusa by slicing off her head with a long sharp sword or scythe.
But once, when Medusa was like every other Olympian, her beauty attracted Poseidon, the god of the sea and had an affair with him.
Then, Athena found out and turned Medusa into that monstrous creature, but as you may know, the three creatures always stood by each other’s side and Stheno and Euryale got turned into the hideous monsters!